Deselect a Previously Selected Choice from A Multi-Choice Field using Actions

Sometimes you might want to deselect a certain option in a multi-choice field while maintaining any other previous selections. For example, imagine that Option C is no longer relevant for a particular subset of Tasks in your system but you don’t want to override the other previously selected options in the field.

You can do so by completing the following steps:

  1. Note the name of the multi-choice field that you would like to edit. You should also make sure you know the text of the option that you would like to deselect.
  2. Create an Update Fields action and, on the Fields tab, select the desired field.
  3. On the Values tab, select “Treat the above as a formula” and enter the following:
replace(replace(""+$Field_Name_Goes_Here,"(\\d{1,3}@\\d{1,3}:)|\\]|\\[| ,|Choice Text Goes Here",""),",.$| ,","")
  1. Enter the correct field name and choice text in their corresponding locations and click Finish.
  2. Use this action in whatever context makes sense for you and the changes you want to make. For example, you might create a rule that runs at selected time intervals or add an action button to the action bar.


This is really helpful, thank you!