Customizing Reports

The OOTB charts and reports can be modified to suit your business needs. In addition to changing the fields used to generate the reports, you can control the look of the final report using the Report Template tab of the Chart Wizard. For example, the OOTB report “Value of Signed Contracts starting in Past year” looks like this:

The blue and red underlines show the summary information, which for this chart is the Total of the Contract Amount field for the year (blue) and broken down per month (red). This text is controlled in the Report Template tab of the Charts wizard. Here is the OOTB template for the chart above:

You can change the text of the summary and grouping labels (red, green and blue underlines), plus change the font face, style, size and color. Here I’ve made a few simple changes:

to produce this report:

To see what else can be done, see the wiki article here: