Customize the View used to Manage Saved Searches


Sometimes, users make a lot of saved searches that clutter up the system over time. When you are going through to clean up, it can be helpful to identify which searches were created by admins and which by regular staff users.

To do so, you can add the Created By field to the view used when you are in the Manage Search wizard.


  1. In the desired table, mouse over the Search drop-down and select “Manage…”
  2. In the Manage Search wizard, mouse over the Views drop-down and select “Edit…”
  3. On the Fields tab, select the box to display the Created By field.


Note that the views in the Manage Search wizard apply across all tables. For example, if you edit or create a view in the Manage Search wizard for the Tasks table, the edited (or new) view will also take be present in the Manage Search wizard for the Contracts table, and so on.