Contract workflow

Hi i have created a External user in a ventor team and invited him in a contract as a signature party but when i am log in from the external user , he is not able to see the contract which he got invited.

Can someone please help?


An “invitation” to see a contract does not necessarily grant a user permission to see a contract.
Please review the view permissions for the groups(s) that the external user in question has assigned.
Normally End Users can only see contracts that they have created. You may want to add a saved search filter permission to see contracts where they appear as a signatory.

Thank you for the prompt reply. I have tried as instructed by you but still, the vendor is unable to view the contract.

Could you please help me with the saved search steps?

Scenario – Assigned member in part of Vendor group and He is End-user

It is my understanding that to fulfill your request it may be necessary to take a couple of steps back and start by reviewing some key concepts, and defining some user access strategies based on a thorough understanding of these concepts.

Here are some good sources of information that will make your task a lot easier:

  1. A couple of short videos to review groups and teams, and creating searches:

  2. Defining table permissions for Groups:

3.Copying Group permissions (much easier and faster than creating new groups):

  1. Detailed instructions for creating Saved Searches:

These links should give you all the answers that you need. Let us know if you need some additional help with specific questions once you try to apply this knowledge.