Conditionally checking boxes in Agiloft generated documents


Sometimes you may have a print template that includes checkboxes that you want to have automatically checked based on some condition when the document is generated in Agiloft. This may seem difficult to do, as there is no intrinsic function for handling checkboxes. Like many other things, this can however be achieved using a if-then-else (or ternary) formula.


To conditionally display a checked or unchecked box, you can use a ternary formula such as the following:
$formula($field=="Some Value"?"☑":"☐")
If the statement evaluates to true, then a checked box will appear, otherwise an empty box is printed instead. This can be used with any kind of condition supported within Agiloft operators; some value does or does not equal something (==, !=), some value is greater than some other value (>, <, >=, <=), some value contains some value (~=), etc.

Note that this checkbox symbol belongs to the Segoe UI Symbol font, and as such, the whole logical statement should be written in the Segoe UI Symbol font for continuity so as to avoid formula and font interruption errors when the document is generated.

The Segoe UI Symbol also has an x style filled checkbox which can be used instead of the check ☒, if you prefer.

Should the need to use some other non-checkmark box symbol arise, there are a plethora of other symbols available which can be added as well. To find the symbols, from within word click on the Insert tab, click Symbol > more Symbols. This will bring up the Character Map. You can insert the characters onto your word document by selecting the desired character and clicking Insert on the character map.

As mentioned above, the only thing to watch out for is that a change in font mid-argument will break the formula; you must keep the same font throughout the whole $formula(xxxxxxxx) statement.