Compare portions of text fields in If-Then-Else action

I have a short text field and I’m wondering if there’s a way to match it between two records based on only the first 9 characters. Neither one is really fully contained in the other, but if those leading characters are the same then I would want to initiate some actions. Is there any way to compare the text in fields beyond the operators that are included in the typical searching (equals, does not equal, contains, does not contain, etc.)?

Hi Josh, this can be achieved using the Replace function in a formula.
The following formula will extract the first 9 characters of a string:
Replace($short_text, "^(.{9})", "$1")
You can create a new field in a record to hold this data. You can run an update action when the record is edited to set this field with that value. Then depending on your use case, you can run a search on that field to find matching records on the fly. If this is changing the workflow of a record or used in more automation, a related table field can be used to show all corresponding records on the record itself.

Hi Bryan,

This was really helpful, thank you! It would be awesome to be able to compare fields using formulas like this directly in searches instead of having to store everything in separate fields, but this will work for what I need.
Thank you again!