Communications table 'add communication' / notes feature

I am looking to add a different communication type to the “Communications” tab. My organization sends emails via the communications tab, but also receives external communications (i.e., non-Agiloft generated email, letters) related to a record. I would like to add these into the communications tab / table, thus enabling us to have a complete record. My initial impression is to add this to the Communications tab as most (but not all) of the correspondence is via email, and having auto email tracking / record creation is key.

High level summary of my process: (1) User identifies an issue and creates a “Notice” record. (2) User creates a letter (external to Agiloft) and submits it to customer. (3) Customer communicates back via email. There may be more discussions via email, and some by letter, which we are now looking to add into the system.

I realize the Notes feature is deprecated (possibly could have done this?), but am looking for an alternative besides an append text field - which I don’t believe can have attachments. Also thought about using search field (or some other type of sub-table) that could combine these different forms of communication into a single display.