Agiloft as a booking software

Hi Community,

Just wondering if anyone has built any customizations in Agiloft specifically for Online booking platform designed to help operators and resellers globally save time, get connected, rebuild and ultimately grow their business.


Hi Jeffrey,
While this isn’t specifically something I have built out for booking resources, I have heard of other implementers building something similar.

With how many potential solutions could be required based upon what is being booked and how, I would suggest speaking with one of our Agiloft implementers to take a look at the requirements & assist in scoping a solution to this.

I assume as we’re referring to operators and resellers then the vendor portal would be a good start to the discussion.

Hi Lee,

Thank you for your message. How can I reach an Agiloft implementers? Is that through the sales department?

It will be great that the vendor portal (for tour operators and tour agents (resellers)) be a good start to the discussion.


Hi Jeffrey,
Yes, your Account Executive or CSM should both be able to find an Implementer and engage on scoping. There’s definitely a question on the audience and fields to track but overall this is something that’ll be best talking through as I’d expect you need a tier of user able to create the events and then have agents/resellers who are able to submit those lines.

I haven’t built specifically the customization described. However, I built a custom patient history and appointment tracking implementation for a psychologist’s practice, which involves a very simple booking and reminder component, and the certification test for Agiloft implementers includes an element of reporting travels and expenses, which has common elements with the need described.
We have implemented, as part of the Contract Management workflow for some customers, functionality that includes the reporting and tracking of events that take place on a given date and time, where per-diem payments, travel expenses, travel dates, and other related information is recorded, as part of the contract metadata required.

In other words, the implementation that you have in mind seems to be well in line with, and within the scope of other implementation work that has already been done.