Agile Workflow, Project Management, and BPM

Improve efficiency, performance, and communication across your organization. Agiloft provides a fully configurable and versatile framework to automate and manage even the most complex task flows and custom business processes.

Features include:
The graphical workflow editor controls status and state transitions and triggers the creation of task
templates or approval workflows as needed for each process.
Configurable business rules can validate data, send notifications, update data in linked records or
external systems, run scheduled imports and exports, and more.
Task templates can be applied to any task or approval workflow type, whether parallel, sequential, or conditional. Required, optional, and ad hoc tasks and approvals are supported.
Powerful search functionality includes historical searching and finds records that meet particular criteria.
Charts, reports, and dashboards provide actionable insight and information about your processes.
Fine-grained access permissions provide the control needed for widespread use throughout your organization. Permissions extend down to the field level, allowing user specific access.
LDAP/MS Active Directory and single sign-on simplify access, while Web Services and REST APIs enable real-time integration with other enterprise systems.
Full auditability provided through historical snapshots that display the entire record as it existed at any point in the past and audit logs that allow any event type to be captured.

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