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Welcome to the new Agiloft Customer Community! If you are an Agiloft employee or customer in our EW Support KB, then your community account is waiting for you!

Have an EW Support account? Then follow these instructions for your first time logging in to the site. 

  1. Request a password reset using the same email address that you use for EW Support. Please note that the passwords for community and EW Support are unrelated.

  2. Check your email inbox for a password reset email.

  3. Reset your community account password and make a note of your new password. The Agiloft Community or Support teams cannot tell you your password.

  4. Accept the Terms and Conditions in order to use the site. 

  5. Post a hello in the Introduce Yourself thread in the Watercooler. 

  6. Fill out your profile so that the community can get to know you. Don't forget to upload a photo to your profile so that we can see your smiling face!

  7. Edit your signature. The system pre-fills a default signature and you can edit or add to it. 

  8. Check your privacy settings.

  9. Join a community topic so that you can get notifications for community activity. (Please note that you must join a community topic in order to post there.)

  10. Post a question or start a discussion!

Check back often to participate in our discussions. Thanks and welcome to the new Agiloft Customer Community!

Don't have an EW Support account? Create one. 

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